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family: Malvaceae

Malva alcea vervain mallow,European mallow,cutleaf mallow,greater musk mallow,hollyhock mallow
Malva arborea velvet tree mallow,tree mallow
Malva moschata muskmallow,muskplant,musk cheeseweed
Malva neglecta dwarf mallow,common mallow,cheeses,running mallow
Malva parviflora smallflower mallow,cheeseweed mallow,least mallow,little mallow,country mallow
Malva pusilla roundleaf mallow,dwarf mallow,running cheeseweed,small mallow
Malva sylvestris high mallow,high cheeseweed,purple mallow,zebra mallow,striped mallow
Malva verticillata whorled mallow,curled mallow,Chinese mallow,curled cheeseweed,cluster mallow
Malva wigandii sea mallow,sea tree mallow

ANUCLIM maps and models

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