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family: Ranunculaceae

Aquilegia alpina alpine columbine
Aquilegia brevistyla blue columbine,smallflower columbine,shortstyle columbine,Yukon columbine
Aquilegia canadensis red columbine,wild red columbine,Canadian columbine,rock bells,eastern red columbine
Aquilegia chrysantha golden columbine,golden spur columbine,desert columbine
Aquilegia ecalcarata semiaquilegia,spurless columbine
Aquilegia flabellata fan columbine,white dwarf columbine,Japanese fan columbine
Aquilegia flavescens yellow columbine
Aquilegia formosa western columbine,western red columbine,crimson columbine,Sitka columbine,scarlet columbine
Aquilegia formosa var. formosa western columbine,western red columbine,Sitka columbine,crimson columbine,scarlet columbine
Aquilegia glandulosa Altai columbine,Siberian columbine
Aquilegia jonesii Jones' columbine,blue limestone columbine
Aquilegia vulgaris garden columbine,European columbine,capon's feather,culverwort
Aquilegia ×cultorum hybrid columbine

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