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family: Ericaceae

Vaccinium angustifolium lowbush blueberry,early lowbush blueberry,low sweet blueberry,sweet hurts,upland lowbush blueberry,late sweet blueberry
Vaccinium arboreum farkleberry,sparkleberry
Vaccinium boreale northern blueberry,alpine blueberry,sweet hurts
Vaccinium caespitosum dwarf bilberry,dwarf whortleberry
Vaccinium corymbosum highbush blueberry,tall blueberry,swamp blueberry,rabbiteye blueberry,southern black blueberry,southern highbush blueberry
Vaccinium crassifolium creeping blueberry
Vaccinium deliciosum blueleaf huckleberry,Cascade bilberry,Cascade blueberry,Ranier blueberry
Vaccinium floribundum Colombian blueberry,Andean blueberry,South American blueberry
Vaccinium glaucoalbum Himalayan huckleberry,gray-white huckleberry
Vaccinium macrocarpon American cranberry,large cranberry
Vaccinium membranaceum mountain huckleberry,big whortleberry,thinleaf huckleberry,tall huckleberry,squaretwig huckleberry,black huckleberry,thinleaf bilberry,squaretwig bilberry
Vaccinium myrtilloides velvetleaf blueberry,sourtop blueberry,Canada blueberry
Vaccinium myrtillus low bilberry,dwarf bilberry,whortleberry,myrtle whorteberry
Vaccinium nigrum black lowbush blueberry,lowbush black blueberry
Vaccinium ovalifolium ovalleaf bilberry,blue bilberry,Alaska blueberry
Vaccinium ovatum evergreen huckleberry,California huckleberry
Vaccinium oxycoccos small cranberry,bog cranberry,mashberry (NL)
Vaccinium pallidum late lowbush blueberry,hillside blueberry,pale blueberry,sugar huckleberry,Blue Ridge blueberry
Vaccinium parvifolium red huckleberry,red blueberry
Vaccinium scoparium grouse whortleberry,grouseberry
Vaccinium stamineum southern gooseberry,deerberry
Vaccinium uliginosum alpine bilberry,bog bilberry,moor bilberry,moorberry
Vaccinium vitis-idaea mountain cranberry,partridgeberry (NL),lingonberry (Scandinavia),foxberry,cowberry,rock cranberry,alpine cranberry,red whortleberry
Vaccinium ×nubigenum Newfoundland bilberry

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