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family: Pinaceae

Picea abies Norway spruce,common spruce (of Europe)
Picea alcoquiana Alcock spruce
Picea asperata Dragon spruce
Picea breweriana Brewer spruce,Brewer's spruce,Siskiyou spruce,Brewer's weeping spruce
Picea engelmannii Engelmann spruce,Columbian spruce,silver spruce,mountain spruce
Picea engelmannii var. engelmannii Engelmann spruce,silver spruce,Columbian spruce,mountain spruce
Picea glauca white spruce,cat spruce,skunk spruce,northern spruce,Labrador spruce,Porsild spruce,single spruce,western white spruce,Alberta white spruce,pasture spruce
Picea glehnii Sakhalin spruce,Glehn's spruce
Picea jezoensis Yezo spruce,Jezo spruce,Yeddo spruce
Picea koyamae Koyama's spruce
Picea mariana black spruce,bog spruce,swamp spruce,double spruce,shorleaf black spruce,Canadian spruce,eastern spruce
Picea obovata Siberian spruce
Picea omorika Serbian spruce
Picea orientalis Oriental spruce,Caucasian spruce
Picea pungens blue spruce,Colorado blue spruce
Picea purpurea purple cone spruce
Picea rubens red spruce,eastern spruce,maritime spruce,he-balsam,yellow spruce
Picea schrenkiana Schrenk's spruce
Picea sitchensis Sitka spruce,tideland spruce,coast spruce,tidewater spruce,Menzies spruce
Picea smithiana Himalayan spruce,Morinda spruce

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