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family: Juglandaceae

Carya aquatica water hickory,bitter pecan
Carya cordiformis bitternut hickory,swamp hickory,yellowbud hickory
Carya floridana scrub hickory,sand hickory
Carya glabra pignut hickory,red hickory,sweet pignut
Carya illinoinensis pecan,Illinois nut,softshell hickory
Carya laciniosa shellbark hickory,big shagbark hickory,kingnut
Carya myristiciformis nutmeg hickory
Carya ovata shagbark hickory,shellbark hickory,upland hickory
Carya ovata var. australis Carolina shagbark hickory,Carolina hickory
Carya ovata var. ovata shagbark hickory,shellbark hickory,upland hickory
Carya pallida sand hickory,pale hickory
Carya texana black hickory,Texas hickory,Ozark hickory,Buckley's hickory
Carya tomentosa mockernut hickory,whiteheart hickory
Carya ×laneyi

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