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family: Boraginaceae

Hackelia ciliata Okanagan stickseed,fringed stickseed
Hackelia deflexa nodding stickseed
Hackelia deflexa var. americana nodding stickseed
Hackelia diffusa spreading stickseed,stickweed,diffuse stickseed,sagebrush stickseed,spreading hackelia,steppe stickseed
Hackelia diffusa var. diffusa spreading hackelia,stickweed,sagebrush stickseed,spreading stickseed,diffuse stickseed,steppe stickseed
Hackelia floribunda western stickseed,manyflower stickseed,manyflower hackelia,Davis Mountain stickseed,largeflower stickseed
Hackelia micrantha blue stickseed,blue hackelia,Jessica's stickseed,Jessica's sticktight,meadow forget-me-not,meadow stickseed
Hackelia virginiana Virginia stickseed,wild comfrey,beggar's-lice

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