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family: Caryophyllaceae

Silene acaulis moss campion,cushion pink
Silene antirrhina sleepy catchfly,sleepy campion
Silene caroliniana wild pink,wild campion
Silene caroliniana subsp. pensylvanica Pennsylvania wild pink
Silene chalcedonica Maltese cross,scarlet lychnis
Silene compacta Oriental campion,umbel-flowered catchfly,compact maiden's tears,Benary gold
Silene conoidea conoid catchfly,cone campion,large sand catchfly
Silene coronaria rose campion,mullein pink
Silene csereii biennial campion,Balkan campion,Balkan catchfly,biennial catchfly,European catchfly
Silene dichotoma forked catchfly,branching campion
Silene dioica red catchfly,red campion,red cockle
Silene douglasii Douglas' catchfly,Douglas' campion
Silene drummondii Drummond's campion,Drummond's catchfly
Silene flos-cuculi ragged robin,meadow campion
Silene flos-jovis flower of Jupiter,flower-of-jove
Silene gallica small-flower catchfly,windmill pink,French catchfly
Silene hitchguirei mountain catchfly
Silene involucrata arctic catchfly,arctic campion
Silene involucrata subsp. involucrata arctic catchfly,arctic campion,greater arctic catchfly
Silene involucrata subsp. tenella Taylor's arctic catchfly,Taylor's arctic campion
Silene latifolia white campion,white cockle,evening lychnis
Silene menziesii Menzies' campion,Menzie's catchfly
Silene miqueliana Japanese woodland catchfly,purple-leaf campion
Silene nivea snowy campion,snowy catchfly
Silene noctiflora night-flowering catchfly,night-flowering campion,sticky cockle
Silene nuda sticky catchfly,western fringed catchfly,naked campion
Silene ostenfeldii Ostenfeld's catchfly
Silene ovata Blue Ridge catchfly,ovate catchfly,ovate-leaf catchfly,ovate-leaf campion
Silene parryi Parry's catchfly,Parry's campion
Silene regia royal catchfly
Silene repens pink catchfly,creeping catchfly,pink campion
Silene rotundifolia roundleaf catchfly
Silene scaposa Blue Mountain catchfly,Robinson's catchfly
Silene scaposa var. scaposa
Silene schafta autumn catchfly
Silene scouleri Scouler's catchfly,Scouler's campion
Silene sibirica Siberian catchfly,Siberian campion
Silene sorensenis three-flower campion,Sorensen's catchfly
Silene spaldingii Spalding's catchfly,Spalding's campion
Silene stellata starry campion,starry catchfly
Silene subciliata prairie-fire pink,smooth scarlet catchfly,Louisiana catchfly
Silene uniflora sea campion
Silene uralensis nodding campion,northern catchfly,mountain campion,nodding catchfly
Silene uralensis subsp. ogilviensis Ogilvie Mountain catchfly,Ogilvie's nodding campion
Silene uralensis subsp. porsildii Porsild's nodding catchfly,large-seed nodding campion,Porsild's nodding campion
Silene uralensis subsp. uralensis nodding catchfly,mountain catchfly,apetalous catchfly,northern catchfly,nodding campion,apetalous campion,mountain campion
Silene virginica scarlet catchfly,fire pink
Silene viscaria sticky catchfly,clammy campion,German catchfly
Silene vulgaris bladder campion,maiden's tears
Silene williamsii William's catchfly
Silene ×arkwrightii Arkwright's campion
Silene ×hampeana hybrid pink campion

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