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family: Polygonaceae

Rumex acetosa green sorrel,garden sorrel,sour dock
Rumex acetosella sheep sorrel,field sorrel
Rumex alpinus butter dock,alpine dock,monk's rhubarb
Rumex altissimus pale dock,tall dock,peachleaf dock,smooth dock
Rumex arcticus arctic dock,arctic sourdock
Rumex beringensis Bering Sea dock,Bering Sea sorrel,Beringia sorrel
Rumex britannica British dock,great water dock
Rumex confertus Russian dock,Asiatic dock
Rumex conglomeratus clustered green dock,clustered dock,smaller green dock,sharp dock
Rumex crispus curly dock,yellow dock,sour dock
Rumex crispus subsp. crispus curly dock,sour dock,yellow dock
Rumex dentatus dentate dock,toothed dock,Indian dock,fiddle dock
Rumex fueginus American golden dock,Tierra del Fuego dock
Rumex lapponicus Lapland sorrel,Lapland mountain sorrel
Rumex longifolius dooryard dock,longleaf dock,northern dock
Rumex obtusifolius broadleaf dock,bitter dock
Rumex occidentalis windowed dock,western dock
Rumex pallidus seabeach dock,pale willow dock
Rumex patientia patience dock,spinach patience
Rumex paucifolius alpine sheep sorrel,fewleaf dock,mountain sheep sorrel
Rumex persicarioides peachleaf dock
Rumex pseudonatronatus Finnish dock,field dock
Rumex sanguineus redvein dock,wood dock,bloodwort dock,ornamental sorrel
Rumex sibiricus Siberian dock,Siberian willow dock
Rumex stenophyllus narrowleaf dock,narrowleaf field dock,serrate-valve dock
Rumex subarcticus subarctic dock,subarctic willow dock
Rumex thyrsiflorus narrowleaf sorrel
Rumex transitorius willow dock,Pacific willow dock
Rumex triangulivalvis triangular-valved dock,white dock,willowleaf dock
Rumex utahensis Utah dock
Rumex venosus veiny dock,veined dock,wild begonia,winged dock,sand dock
Rumex verticillatus swamp dock

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