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family: Pinaceae

Larix decidua European larch
Larix gmelinii Dahurian larch
Larix gmelinii var. gmelinii Dahurian larch
Larix gmelinii var. japonica Kurile larch
Larix kaempferi Japanese larch,red larch
Larix laricina tamarack,eastern larch,'juniper' [NL],hackmatack,black larch
Larix lyallii subalpine larch,alpine larch,Lyall's larch,timberline larch
Larix occidentalis western larch,western tamarack,mountain larch
Larix sibirica Siberian larch,Russian larch,Altaian larch
Larix ×marschlinsii Swiss hybrid larch,Dunkeld larch
Larix ×pendula weeping hybrid larch

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